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    Broad Street 22nd June
    Open: 09:30
    Close: 16:00

    Test Drives Open: 10:30
    Last Drive: 16:00

EVOLUTION Motor Shows: Aberdeen

Since its launch in Edinburgh, back in 2014, the EVOLUTION Motor Show has grown every year, helping stimulate the uptake of ULEVs in Scotland. This event has been a significant reason why Scotland is now seen as the leading region in the UK, in the drive to ‘Go Electric’, and we are proud to have brought this event to Aberdeen. 

Hosted by Aberdeen City Council, and staged in association with Transport Scotland and the Energy Saving Trust, the ‘Motor Show where YOU get to Drive’ became the city’s showpiece event in June 2019, where we showcased what the motoring world has to offer... not in the future... THERE and THEN!

What do you know about Electric Vehicles (EVs)? Boring? Slow? That they run out of charge after a few miles and need to be recharged? That there is nowhere to recharge them? 

EVOLUTION shows you that this is simply not true at all. Here’s a taste of what took place on the day:

Broad Street. Aberdeen

Broad Street saw the largest display of EVs the city has ever seen, with dedicated experts that were on hand to talk to you about this innovative technology. 

Have you ever seen or driven an EV before? At EVOLUTION, you get to do BOTH!


Electric Car Charging

Aberdeen City Council spoke about their public charging infrastructure strategy, with experts that helped you with Home Charging. 

Running an EV can cost as little as just 2 pence per mile… So, if you’re fed up with the weekly visit to the petrol station, and the dent in your bank balance… EVOLUTION showcases that this is the way forward and how it CAN be done!

Electric Car Charging

Test drives were available on the day, with some of the most innovative technology the motor industry has to offer. Hundreds of people came down to experience EVs for themselves and were able to feel the acceleration and smooth driving experience of an EV, first-hand.