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Alex F Noble

Alex F Noble

In late 2010 Alex F Noble were approached by Nissan to become the inaugural EV dealership in Scotland. The dealership invested heavily in the concept, in the knowledge that it would help future proof the business for years to come.

Charging infrastructure was installed and technicians were given specialist EV training to allow them to maintain and repair fully electric Nissans. Members of the sales team also undertook in depth training to immerse themselves in the world of EV, helping them to understand and educate potential customers to the benefits that EV ownership can bring.

Fast forward to 2019 and we are now excited to embark on the next chapter of the EV revolution by launching the latest 62kw Nissan Leaf 3.Zero. This innovative new car offers almost triple the range of the original model, with the latest driver assistance technology, ensuring Nissan stand head and shoulders above the competition in an ever expanding market.

Alex F Noble has maintained their position as one of the top EV dealers in the country, covering all areas of the market from private individuals, large fleets and public sector contracts. Alex F Noble is well positioned to help lead this transition from the traditional combustion engine to a fully electric future.