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EVOLUTION Motor Shows at Brands Hatch

Since its launch back in 2014, the EVOLUTION Motor Show has grown every year, helping stimulate the uptake of ULEVs. We began in Scotland, which is now recognised as the UK’s leading region for ‘EV uptake’… Partly due to the introduction of the Motor Show Where YOU Get To Drive!* In 2015, the unique Electric Vehicle (EV) event was commissioned by Bristol, where it was staged for 2 years and again helped the city become a leading example of how to electrify a region. 2017 and 2018 saw EVOLUTION become part of the British Touring Car Championship weekend at Brands Hatch and this year, we're back!

The event has now serviced more than 20,000 people since its launch, with even the most hard-core petrol head admitting their surprise at the ‘driving experience’ an EV offers! Several cities will be using EVOLUTION, throughout 2020, bringing YOU the opportunity to experience this innovative technology, and we’re delighted to announce that the first event of 2020 will be held at Brands Hatch as part of the British Touring Car Championship weekend!

So, whether you have joined us before, or not, make sure you pop down and see what the motoring world has to offer… not in the future… NOW!

What do you know about Electric Vehicles (EVs)? Boring? Slow? That they run out of charge after a few miles and need to be recharged? That there is nowhere to recharge them? 

Come to EVOLUTION** and let us show you that this is simply not true at all. Here’s a taste of what you can expect on the day:

*Some of our Vehicle Manufacturers may require 3 points or less on a driving license, to complete a Test Drive. Some may require drivers to be 25 and older.
**Please note that this event is only FREE after you have PURCHASED your British Touring Car Championship Ticket.

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we wanted to reassure you we will be following government advice to avoid the risk of infection. Disposable gloves will be available for ALL that take part in Test Drives and we advise strongly that all who attend wash their hands regularly as per government advice.

Castle Street


Brands Hatch will be hosting the British Touring Car Championship weekend and alongside it, EVOLUTION will be there, giving YOU the chance to get behind the wheel.

Have you ever seen or driven an EV before? At EVOLUTION, you get to do BOTH!


We have all the information! Get a chance to talk to the Go Ultra Low team and their EV Manufacturers, who will answer any questions you have.

Running an EV can cost as little as just 2 pence per mile… So, if you’re fed up with the weekly visit to the petrol station, and the dent in your bank balance… Come on down!


Test drives are available on the day, with some of the most innovative technology the motor industry has to offer. So, come on down and experience EVs for yourself.  Feel the acceleration and smooth driving experience on an EV, first-hand.