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Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust appreciate that businesses are under constant pressure to keep costs down and, increasingly, to meet environmental objectives. Funded by Transport Scotland, Energy Saving Trust can offer a range of different initiatives to make your business transport as efficient as possible.

Since April 2015 we have provided tailored, expert advice to more than 890 Scottish organisations, completed 295 sustainable transport reviews providing recommendations that could lead to annual savings of at least £5 million and 10,043 tonnes of CO2.

We know that these organisations have started their journey and have gone on to implement changes leading to total annual savings of £2,133,163 and 3,088 tonnes of CO2. More savings are in the pipeline!

We can work with you to explore options to reduce your transport costs and environmental impact including the use of electric vehicles, telematics, video-conferencing, public transport and active travel.

Why not arrange for one of our specialist transport advisors to carry out a free sustainable transport review. To arrange this, visit the Energy Saving Trust stand today. You can also call 0800 0931 669 to speak to a transport advisor, or email