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EVA Scotland

EVA Scotland

Formed in 2011 as ‘EVAS’ (the EV Association of Scotland) by a group of electric vehicle enthusiasts who were determined to spread the word that the future of personal transportation was electric.

A great deal has happened in the last 7 years, interest in AFV’s (Alternative Fuelled Vehicles) has reached an all-time high, the Scottish Government (through Transport Scotland) has developed a National Charging network extending from Shetland to the Borders that is unrivalled anywhere in the UK, and EVAS reformed as a Community Interest Company in 2017 to ensure our members had a central resource for unbiased accurate EV information and advocacy.

Whether it be range anxiety, on-street public (and private) charging, or any of a myriad of questions, EVA Scotland with its website, members forum, Twitter & Facebook, field trips, regular meetings with local authorities and Transport Scotland we can provide a useful resource that can bring you up to speed on which EV is best for your needs, if you’ve still to make the leap.

Already have an EV? Our innovative windscreen Charging Disk and (optional) free SMS text alert service makes using Public Chargepoints a pleasure. We also have a dedicated club scheme through Adrian Flux Insurance that can save members between 5-15% on their motoring costs (but only for EV’s!). Our Member’s Pack even explains how to use a Chargepoint and the different schemes you can sign up to. Don’t choose the wrong one!

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel or feel alone - why not join our clan?