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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been working closely with the venue and our Partners, to ensure that all the necessary safety elements are implemented over the 2 days, ensuring your safety.

We will need YOUR help too, to make sure that EVERYONE is safe and can enjoy their experience in the EVOLUTION Arena. Please see the list of measures below.


To enter EVOLUTIONVILLE, you will need to REGISTER in the EVOLUTIONDOME first. If you are looking to drive, we will take your details and then perform a DVLA Licence Check. Once approved, you will be issued with a wristband that determines what models you are permitted to drive. You will be asked to apply the wristband yourself, before being granted permission to enter the Arena.

You can submit your DVLA details 21 days before the event. Further details upon registering.

Floor graphics will ask queuing visitors to KEEP THEIR DISTANCE

Safe-Distance signage will be on display

Hand-sanitiser, gloves and possibly face masks will be available


Each Vehicle Manufacturer (VM) will have a 2m-wide booth. Each booth will have a ‘safety divider’ on each side, separating it from the booth next door. 


Due to social distancing, we would ask for your patience in queuing to book a test drive with one or more of the VMs that have test drive vehicles there on the day.

Please respect the social distancing rules when queuing.

Upon booking a drive, the VM will issue you with a single-use TOKEN, that you will need to produce at the corresponding manufacturers booth, at the Grand Prix Loop.

Access to the Grand Prix Loop is via EVOLUTIONBUS – a fleet of electric minibuses that leave the Arena every few minutes, to transport you to the Grand prix Loop.

Please note, the Tokens WILL NOT be issued unless you are wearing a DVLA wristband.

EVOLUTIONVILLE will operate in a ONE-WAY system. The walkways will range from 2m to 4m wide and will be defined using a mix of training cones, picket fencing, event branding and VM branding.

Safety signage will be on display, including something like the one on the left, which will be visible immediately upon leaving the EVOLUTIONDOME.

Marshals will patrol the Arena and ensure that you obey the systems in place and make sure distancing is being respected. Persistent offenders may be asked to leave the Arena.

Entrances and Exits to VM Plots and the Arena itself, will be clearly marked/marshalled.

Each VM Plot will consist of a 12m x 6m space, to accommodate 2 x STATIC VEHICLES

‘Toblerones’ will clearly mark the
ENTRANCE on to EXIT from the VM’s Plot

EVOLUTIONBUS is an all-electric minibus that will operate in a TWO-WAY system, ferrying you to and from the Grand Prix Loop TDV area. 

The eShuttle will pick-up and drop-off at designated eShuttle Stops. Both Stops will have safety signage asking you to respect social distancing. 

The eShuttle will be cleaned before passengers embark, at BOTH Stops, ensuring cleanliness.

A ticketing system will be in place.

The eShuttle will drop you at the Stop in the Grand Prix Loop zone. Visitors, wearing a designated wristband (issued by EVOLUTION staff upon completing the DVLA Licence Check) will present their TOKEN to the relevant VM. These are issued from the VM staff, inside the EVOLUTIONDOME, upon booking a drive. 

ALL drives will be ACCOMPANIED, obeying the speed limits. MSV will marshal the circuit at all times and advise on safety issues, where required. Persistent breaking of the speed limits may result in the driver OR the VM being asked to STOP driving.

Each TDV will need to be cleaned after EVERY test drive. This will include door handles (external and internal), steering wheel, seat belt and all controls. Each vehicle will be CLEAN before the next drive begins.

Each VM will have 2 x TDVs in operation on EVOLUTIONDRIVE. ALL test drives will need to be accompanied, and all VM staff will be briefed to wear gloves, and if required, masks (government guidelines will dictate this, either way), when accompanying a test drive.