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Transport Scotland

Transport Scotland

Transport Scotland is the national transport agency for Scotland. Transport underpins how Scotland works and performs. Through the development of transport projects and policies we support our businesses, communities and services, connecting people across Scotland and beyond.

Transport is a vital feature of the Scottish Government's focus on increasing sustainable economic growth. Our remit incorporates:

  • Rail and trunk road networks
  • Major public transport projects
  • National concessionary travel schemes
  • Impartial travel services
  • Liaising with regional transport partnerships, including monitoring of funding
  • Sustainable transport, road safety and accessibility
  • Local roads policy
  • Aviation, bus, freight and taxi policy
  • Ferries, ports and harbours


An agency of the Scottish Government, we are accountable to Parliament and the public through Scottish Ministers.We are committed to freeing Scotland’s towns, cities and communities from the damaging effects of petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles by 2050.

The widespread adoption of low carbon vehicles will play a key role in helping us achieve that ambition. We are delighted to offer our support to this event, which allows fleet managers, and for the first time, the public, to learn more about the benefits of these vehicles and to experience first-hand what it is like to drive them.